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The Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line school is a partnership between the Sports Car Club of America and Tire Rack to give automotive enthusiasts a professional, all-inclusive entry into the world of performance driving. In addition to a full day of instruction, participants will receive an SCCA membership, entries for future events, subscriptions to SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports Magazines and the option to add a Bell Helmet (Snell approved for motorsports). The full day school will introduce key concepts applicable to all forms of motorsports and allow you to develop these skills while working with professional performance driving instructors certified by the Evolution Performance Driving School. Additionally, every Starting Line student will have their experience captured by a Garmin VIRB and will recieve a microSD card with this video at the end of their school. VIRB Elite is a true HD 1080p action camera with built-in ChromaTM LCD for setup/preview/playback, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 3 hours record time at 1080p, plus GPS, barometer and WiFi built in. If you are looking for motorsports competition or just a great way to enjoy the capabilities of your car, the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line is your complete motorsports starter kit. Here's a complete list of what comes with your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line package:

Full Day of Professional Autocross Instruction: The Starting Line curriculum has been developed and is taught by professional driving instructors certified by the Evolution Performance Driving School. Founded in 1993, Evolution has helped thousands of autocrossers develop skills, reach goals and improve themselves as drivers. Evolution instructors are not only accomplished autocrossers, they also share a true passion for helping students become more confident and capable behind the wheel. School Value: $260

SCCA Membership: Your SCCA membership gains you access to thousands of motorsports events across the country. In addition to Autocross, SCCA members also participate in Road Course, Rally and Rallycross events. SCCA members also serve as volunteer course workers and emergency response personnel for Road Races, ranging from driver’s schools to Formula One. Your membership is more than access, however. An SCCA membership carries the premier event insurance coverage of any motorsports organization. The excess accident policy for SCCA participants will cover a member’s deductible, co-pay and excess medical costs up to $1M. Incidents resulting in injury are very rare, particularly at Autocross events, but the SCCA insurance policy is there should you ever need it. Membership Value: $85

Helmet: Through our relationship with Bell Helmets, the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line school allows you to include a helmet in your package. Helmets are required for autocross and SCCA requires a Snell rating of 2000 or newer. Getting your own now lets you skip the discomfort of a loaner and start sweating up your very own right off the bat. While the Motorcycle (M rating) helmets are allowed, the helmet provided is a motorsports approved helmet (SA) so that you may use it to enjoy a wider variety of driving events. Helmet Values: $180 (Open), $250 (Full)
Click Here to View Bell Helmet Sizing Chart - Click Here to View the Available Helmets

Regional Event Entry: Part of your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line experience includes attending the host Regions autocross event on Sunday (all Starting Line Schools are on Saturday). Your instructors will be on hand to get you started and guide you through the day. Terms and conditions may vary region to region, but this is a great way for you to get out to a local event and see what it is all about. Local Event Entry Value: $25-$45

National Series Event Entry: The Tire Rack SCCA National Series is a 20+ event program that includes Championship Tour, Match Tour and ProSolo Events. As part of your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line Package you will receive a free entry into your choice of one of these events. National Tours are two day autocrosses featuring 3 runs per day on big, fun, fast courses. ProSolo events combine the challenge of Autocross with the skill and thrill of Drag Racing. These events pit driver versus driver on mirror image courses with a Christmas Tree start. Match Tours falls between the two, offering laid back competition on Saturday and a shootout event on Sunday. To learn more about these events visit www.SCCA.com/solo. National Event Entry Value: $110

Magazine Subscriptions: All SCCA members receive a subscription to SportsCar magazine as part of their membership. SportsCar is a great resource for SCCA event coverage, club news, pro tips and how-tos as well as the latest in race products and services. In addition to SportCar, Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line participants will also receive a Grassroots Motorsports subscription. Grassroots Motorsports is a great resource for the hands on motorsports enthusiast with lots of do-it-yourself tips and solutions, project cars, budget minded events, and coverage of a wide range of motorsports events. Magazine Subscription Value: $40

When Do I Get My Stuff? Everything that comes with the Starting Line Package takes effect at the time of your SCCA Starting Line School. Helmets, handbooks and hats will be delivered at the school and your SCCA membership and magazine subscriptions will take effect the day of. If you are already an SCCA member, or would like to join before the school, the included membership will automatically serve as a renewal on the date your current membership expires.

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Please plan to be onsite and ready for Technical Inspection at 7:30
7:00AM Gates Open
7:30AM Technical Inspection and Check-in Open (How to Prepare Your Car)
8:15AM Driver's Meeting
8:30AM Start of Morning Session
12:00PM Lunch (provided)
1:00PM Start of Afternoon Session
5:00PM Wrap Up Meeting

Please Note: This is a sample schedule. Specific school schedules may be subject to change due due to site restriction. The official schedule for each school will be emailed to students the week prior.


Here is a list of "must haves" and "nice to haves" for your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line School...

Must Haves
• Driver's License: Everyone must be a legal driver to participate in SCCA events.
• A Car: Almost any vehicle can autocross, the exception are vehicles with a heightened rollover risk such as large SUVs or pick-up trucks. If you have concerns about the vehicle you would like to take the school in, please contact us.

Nice to Haves:
• Comfortable Shoes: There will be some standing / walking associated with the school. Many drivers prefer to wear driving shoes when in the car, but having a more comfortable pair for the rest of the day is advisable.
• Folding Chair: There will also be some down time, and time at Lunch where you may want to take a load off.
• Umbrella: Umbrellas are ok for staying dry, but great for portable shade on hot days.
• Sunscreen
• A Hat

In Case of Weather
Autocross is a rain or shine sport. Here are a few things that we recommend for wet days...
• A Rain Suit: Many have had a miserable day due to attempting to get by with a poncho. A rain suit can be had for less than $100, and will keep you much more comfortable than a poncho can.
• Plastic Bins: Bins are great for keeping your race stuff organized, clean and dry.
• A Towel: A towel is nice for drying off hands and feet before driving on a wet day.

Tire Prep
Under inflated tires can result in increased wear and even damage while autocrossing. To preserve you tires, and to give your vehicle a quicker response, it is generally advisable to inflate your tires 5-10psi more than what is recommended for normal driving. Doing so bolsters your tire's sidewall, making the lateral loads and weight transfer associated with autocross easier to manage.


Technical Inspection: Before we take to the course, we need to make sure all vehicles pass a technical inspection. Your vehicle will be checked to ensure it has functioning brakes, throttle return, properly installed and tightened wheels and that all loose items have been removed. One item of particular interest is the driver's side floor mat, which must be removed to prevent interfering with proper pedal function.

Below is a list of events around the country. Click on the event to see details and a link to the registration page. You can sign up for just the school or both days when registering for your Starting Line School. If you would like to just participate in the Sunday event, click the Sunday link to go to the Region’s site. If you do not see an event near you, please send us a message via the Contact Us form and we'll talk with a local SCCA region about setting up an event close to you!

More events coming in 2016! Stay in touch for additional Starting Line dates.

Click Here to be Notified of our 2016 Schedule

Tire Rack: The Tire Rack® team, your Performance Tire and Wheel Specialists®, consists of expert enthusiasts trained to provide friendly, accurate fitment and performance advice. In fact, team members spend approximately 80 hours a year in the classroom or behind the steering wheels of our test vehicles at our on-site test track and in "real world" driving sessions. These experiences give them the knowledge to help you choose the correct products for your vehicle, driving style and conditions. Whether you talk to a member of our sales team directly or use the shopping tools online, you’ll receive the same advice and information derived from extensive experience and training. Award-winning customer satisfaction and warranty support complete the package of expertise and service you’ll get with every visit or call to Tire Rack.

Garmin® Virb®: The VIRB® Elite is a true HD 1080p action camera that combines enhanced HD video recording with WiFi capability, easy to use features, and, plus advanced GPS functions like preset recording profiles. For example, the Ski profile automatically records during the run but pauses when you get to the bottom. VIRB Elite features a built-in, 1.4” Chroma™ color display that stays on when the camera is on, but uses minimal power. The display lets you easily setup/preview/playback video and adjust menu settings without detaching it from its mount. Record at 1080p for up to 3 hours with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And video enhancement features like digital image stabilization and Lens Distortion Correction ensure footage looks great, even before you start editing.

SCCA: SCCA is the largest sanctioning body of Autocross in the world. Events range from the 50-100 car one day local events to the week long, 1200 participant National Championship held in Lincoln Nebraska at the end of each summer. In addition to Autocross, SCCA also conducts Road Racing, Track Trial, Lapping Days and Rally and Rallycross events With over 40,000 members and thousands of events each year and SCCA membership is your passport to motorsports.

Evolution Performance Driving School: Founded in 1993, The Evolution Performance Driving School is the largest and oldest autocross focused driving school in the world. The Evolution Performance Driving School offers 4 levels of instruction, beginning at the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line program and culminating with the championship minded Challenge School. Each year Evolution’s team of instructors work with thousands of autocrossers to improve skills, hone performance and increase the over all enjoyment of the sport.

SafeRacer.com: SafeRacer is the internet's number one source for Racing Safety Equipment. They feature products from the highest quality manufacturers including Sparco, Oakley, Hans, Alpine Stars, Arai, Shoei, G-Force, Bell, Simpson and FAST. With over $1,000,000 of product in their inventory, odds are they've got what you need and if they don't, they can get it quickly! If you're ever the Neosho, Missouri area, stop by their 27,000 square foot facility and visit our showroom.

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine (GRM) is a magazine dedicated to low-cost performance cars, driving skill improvement, and amateur motorsports such as road racing, autocross and rallying. It was established in 1984 and is published eight times a year. Grassroots Motorsports focuses primarily on how enthusiasts can have fast, fun cars for very little money. It also discusses how to build a race car and participate in motorsports events and provides coverage of amateur motorsports in the United States.

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Don't forget to help all the SCCA SOLO sponsors by supporting them the same way they support us!


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