2023 SCCA Endurance Racing Board Positions Filled

The SCCA Endurance Racing Board (ERB) would like to thank everyone who showed interest in becoming a part of the ERB and their interest helping guide the SCCA Endurance Program into the future.

There were genuinely many good candidates with a variety of backgrounds, skillsets, and ideas which didn’t make the choice easy.

Ultimately, the ERB and SCCA BOD welcomes Sam Fouse (NC Region) and Dave Lancaster (NEOHIO Region) to the ERB and is looking forward to their contributions.

“We had wonderful candidates and are really encouraged by the diverse backgrounds of those interested in the program,” said Jon Krolewicz, chairman of the ERB. “With Sam and Dave, we feel like we get a substantial amount of region leadership backgrounds and participation experience.”

For a program that is expected to be deployed by the regions, these additions are expected to fill an important gap.

“Often a program board is made up of the end-user, that is, the participant,” said Krolewicz. “Now we have BOD members to help guide the long-term vision, National Staff to help understand the overall market and support the regions, participants who do engage in the program and region leaders who can help represent those who will be hosting these events. We’re very excited about this well-rounded group of folks to take SCCA Endurance Racing along its next steps.”