Inviting CAM Invitational Competition this Weekend

With this weekend’s CAM Invitational right around the corner, it’s easy to think about how far the CAM class has come since its inception in 2014. Four years ago, all 24 CAM cars ran in one class on a ProSolo-style track. This year, CAM competitors can look forward to a quick, technical course that is 100 feet wider than last year, with expected mid 40-second lap times for a remarkable field of 88 cars. For the first time in a long time, there is no expected rain and temperatures will be in the low 80s. The excitement around pleasant weather with a fast track and great competitors is electrifying already.


Along with CAM diehards Mike Trenkle and Kelley Jaeger, who have the distinction of running all CAM events year-to-date, there are several worthy competitors focused on the job of winning both trophies and friends in Lincoln this weekend. In the CAM-C class, Chad Langley arrives at the Invitational having won at the CAM Challenge event in Texas in his 2016 Camaro. Hot on the tail of Langley are co-drivers Keith Lamming and Rusty Henderson who will be wheeling the Sticky Motorsports 2010 Camaro, hoping to take the trophy from Langley. Also in CAM-C is Dave Feighner piloting the ‘Mystic Missile’ that won Regional CAM events last year, but lost in the finals.  Feighner will be looking to put his Mustang muscle out ahead of the Chevy crew and settle that long-held debate once and for all.


CAM-T class has the distinction of Speedway Motors sponsoring Robert Lewis who will run the Speedway Nova and go up against Steve Farkas and Jeff Darbig in another Ford vs. Chevy battle for the podium.


Speedway Motors continues its support of the CAM Challenge and the Invitational by sponsoring three employee drivers instead of the Unser hot-shoes. Colleagues Jason Tanner, David Wallace and Joe McCullough will be driving their own CAM-S and CAM-T cars under the Speedway Motors banner. This year’s shootout competitors can look forward to not having to go head-to-head with an IndyCar champ.


These are a mere few of the names to watch this year in Lincoln. The competition will include several more notables as the best-of-the-best battle it out September 2-3 at the Classic American Muscle (CAM) Invitational at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska.