Yep, you read that right. Earlier this week, we announced a $500 rebate raffle for one lucky team that enters the SCCA Enduro National Tour event at Nelson Ledges before April 15th.

But we’ve decided that just isn’t enough. Instead, we’re letting the first 20 registered teams get in at *almost* half price — just $750. That’s a huge $725 savings, and an absolute steal for 16 hours of race time!


Even better? You don’t need to have your full driver lineup to register, and we won’t charge your credit card right away.


Why the Sweet Deal?

We’re just under two months away from this inaugural SCCA Enduro National Tour event, and while the first of anything is exciting, we know there can also be a little trepidation in trying something new. Teams that head to Nelson Ledges Road Course in Garrettsville, OH, May 20–22 will be a part of history in launching the new SCCA program, and the Club decided to sweeten the pot.

“We decided to go all in and celebrate the first 20 team entries for the SCCA Enduro National Tour at Nelson Ledges presented by Summit Racing Equipment,” explained Jon Krolewicz, SCCA’s Event Lead for the Enduro National Tour. “This is an incredible $725 discount off the full-price $1,475 entry fee for the early adopters.”

The discount, Krolewicz added, automatically applies to teams that have already registered for the Nelson Ledges Enduro National Tour, meaning the race is on for the remaining discounted spots. In addition, credit cards will not be charged until 48 hours before the event.

Only the team captain needs to register to qualify for the discounted $750 entry fee, so even if you don’t have your complete driver lineup locked in, team captains should register. As for drivers, the licensing process is simple. While an SCCA Full Competition License is accepted, it’s not required. In fact, those holding an SCCA Time Trials Intermediate License or greater are eligible for an Enduro license, as are those who have competed in endurance series hosted by other sanctioning bodies.

To register for the SCCA Enduro National Tour at Nelson Ledges or to obtain your SCCA Enduro license, click the link below. And we’ll see you when the green flag drops at Nelson Ledges on May 20.

 Register Now!

Before You Go

Contingency programs are available for the Enduro National Tour. Hawk Performance, for example, is offering product awards for the top three finishers in each class, with first place receiving one axel set of brake pads, second place earning a $100 certificate and third place laying claim to an $80 certificate. Hankook Tire’s contingency sees first place in each class receiving two tires, second place earning one tire and third place taking home a $50 certificate when tires are purchased through endurancetire.com. Read about the specific contingency program requirements here.

Photo by Robert J. Yorde