2022 U.S. Majors Tour Conference Points Champs Named

SCCA’s 2022 U.S. Majors Tour, part of the Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing program, wrapped its season in September with a double-header at MSR Houston, concluding a year that saw racers battle beginning in January at tracks from Homestead-Miami Speedway to Portland International Raceway, Watkins Glen International, Road America, and beyond. With all six of the U.S. Majors Tour Conferences wrapped for the year, it’s time to look back at the season as well as celebrate those drivers who rose to the top.

While overall participation in the U.S. Majors Tour was down from the prior year, participation is actually trending up. This year, the U.S. Majors Tour welcomed 5,309 entries, roughly matching participation from 2018 and 2019 (which were 5,247 and 5,376 entries, respectively). The 2021 U.S Majors Tour participation numbers hit 5,777, the second highest participation since the launch of the U.S. Majors Tour – the highest coming in 2017 at 6,253. Not coincidentally, 2021 and 2017 both saw the SCCA National Championship Runoffs hosted at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Excluding the Indy years, 2022 marked the second highest participation count for the U.S. Majors Tour since its inception.

As for the champions in each of the six U.S. Majors Tour Conferences, it’s one thing to win a class, and it’s quite another to do so in two classes. Among those standout performances were Michael Pettiford claiming T1 and T3 titles in the Mid-States Conference, Charlie Peter standing victorious in T2 in the Mid-States and Southern Conferences, and Charles Turner tying for gold in FE2 in the Mid-States Conference and winning SRF3 in the Southeast Conference.

Perhaps going two further, Michael Lewis won GT-1, GT-3, and GT-Lite in the Western Conference, then was part of a three-way tie for the GT-3 title in the Southern Conference.

The menus below include the 2022 U.S. Majors Tour Conference champions, with those listings including the racing class, driver’s name, and SCCA Region of record. Complete points tallies can be found here.

America Sedan: Kurt Rezzetano, Philadelphia Region
B-Spec: Steve Introne, New England Region
E Production: James Lindenthal, Northern Ohio Valley Region
Formula 500: Calvin Stewart, Detroit Region
Formula Atlantic: Victor Seaber, North Carolina Region
Formula Continental: Gabriele Jasper, South Jersey Region
Formula Enterprises 2: Jason Conzo, New Englad Region
Formula F: Joe Parsons, Northeastern Pennsylvania Region
F Production: Charlie Campbell, Mohawk Hudson Region
Formula Vee: Alex Scaler, South Jersey Region
Formula X: Keaton Van Thof, New England Region
GT-1: David Pintaric, Mahoning Valley Region
GT-2: Andrew Aquilante, Philadelphia Region
GT-3: Alex Mayer, Philadelphia Region
GT-Lite: Graham Fuller, Washington DC Region
H Production: Edward Werry, South Jersey Region
Prototype 1: Todd Vanacore, Central Florida Region
Prototype 2: Pat Wildfire, Steel Cities Region
Spec Miata: Nick Leverone, New England Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Jeffrey Lehner, Mohawk Hudson Region
Super Touring Lite: Hugh McHaffie, New England Region
Super Touring Under: Anthony Piselli, Washington DC Region
Touring 1: Joseph Gaudette, Washington DE Region
Touring 2: Joseph Aquilante, Philadelphia Region
Touring 3: Edward Karabec, New England Region
Touring 4: Marc Cefalo, Northeastern Pennsylvania

American Sedan: Kelly Lubash, New England Region
B-Spec: Stewart Black, North Carolina Region
E Production: Peter Norton, North Carolina Region
Formula 500: Clint McMahan, Middle Georgia Region
Formula Atlantic: Jacek Mucha, Florida Region
Formula Continental: Tim Minor, Blue Ridge Region
Formula Enterprises 2: Paul Schneider, Central Carolinas Region
Formula F: Joseph Colasacco, Northern New Jersey Region
F Production: Ken Kannard, Atlanta Region
Formula Vee: Laurin Brallier, North Carolina Region
Formula X: Billy Smith, Texas Region
GT-1: J. Richard Grant, Atlanta Region
GT-2: Jorge Nazario, Puerto Rico Region
GT-3: Ray Stephenson, Florida Region
GT-Lite: Peter Shadowen, Florida Region
H Production: Will Perry, Chattanooga Region
Prototype 1: Chip Romer, San Francisco Region
Prototype 2: Thomas Kaufman, Florida Region
Spec Miata: Charles Mactutus, South Carolina Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Charles Turner, Washington DC Region
Super Touring Lite: Danny Steyn, Florida Region
Super Touring Under: Johan Schwartz, North Carolina Region
Touring 1: Hugh Stewart, New England Region
Touring 2: Tim Kezman, Milwaukee Region
Touring 3: Frank Garcia, Central Florida Region
Touring 4: Christopher Windsor, Washington DC Region

American Sedan: Clark Cambern, Western Michigan Region
B-Spec: Matt Wolfe, Southern Illinois Region
E Production: Lance Loughman, Western Michigan
Formula 500: Steven Jondal, Land O’Lakes
Formula Atlantic: Nicho Vardis, Detroit Region
Formula Continental: Hunter Tatman, Colorado Region
Formula Enterprises 2: Dean Oppermann, Chicago Region
Formula F: Theodore Burns, Milwaukee Region
F Production: David Bednarz, Detroit Region
Formula Vee: Graham Loughead, Ohio Valley
Formula X: Jason Vinkemulder, Milwaukee Region
GT-1: Dave Ruehlow, Milwaukee Region
GT-2: Matt Gray, Land O’Lakes Region
GT-3: Paul Young, Detroit Region
GT-Lite: Jonathan Stalzer, Blackhawk Valley Region
H Production: Greg Gauper, Milwaukee Region
Prototype 1: Greg Case, Central Illinois Region
Prototype 2: Michael Reupert, Milwaukee Region
Spec Miata: Tyler Brown, Milwaukee Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Bobby Sak, Detroit Region
Super Touring Lite: Joe Moser, Detroit Region
Super Touring Under: Bruce Bannister, Detroit Region
Touring 1: S. Sandy Satullo III, Neohio Region
Touring 2: Joseph Boden, Chicago Region
Touring 3: Derek Chan, Land O’ Lakes
Touring 4: Kevin Fryer, Washington DC Region

American Sedan: Andy Schniedermeyer, St. Louis Region
B-Spec: Bryon Prokopf, Southern Illinois Region
E Production: Mark Weber, St. Louis Region
Formula 500: Timothy Friest, Kansas City Region
Formula Atlantic: Andrew Hill, Colorado Region
Formula Continental: Bill Johnson, Lone Star Region
Formula Enterprises 2 (tie): Charles R. Turner, Washington DC Region; Whitney Strickland, Houston Region
Formula F: Bill Kephart, Colorado Region
F Production: Eric Prill, Kansas Region
Formula Vee: Flinn Lazier, Colorado Region
Formula X: Michael Lauer, Kansas Region
GT-1: Robert Prilika, Colorado Region
GT-2: Boyd Lear, Colorado Region
GT-3: Brian Haupt, Kansas City Region
GT-Lite: Jonathan Goodale, Colorado Region
H Production: Ralf Lindow, Nebraska Region
Prototype 1: Kirk Kindsfater, Colorado Region
Prototype 2 (tie): Fred Michael, Cincinnati Region; Jack Donnellan, Oklahoma Region
Spec Miata: Tyler Ladd, Wichita Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Tyler Fox, Kansas City Region
Super Touring Lite: Stephen Johnson, Kansas City Region
Super Touring Under (tie): Alan Orban, St. Louis Region; Matthew Blehm, Houston Region
Touring 1: Michael Pettiford, Colorado Region
Touring 2: Charlie Peter, Kansas City Region
Touring 3: Michael Pettiford, Colorado Region
Touring 4: Garrett Mays, Colorado Region

American Sedan: Phillip Waters, Texas Region
B-Spec: Riley Salyer, Houston Region
E Production: Matthew Reynolds, Lone Star Region
Formula 500: James Weida, Indianapolis Region
Formula Atlantic: Paul Ravaris, Texas Region
Formula Continental: William Trimbur, Houston Region
Formula Enterprises 2: Whitney Strickland, Houston Region
Formula F: Matt Boian, Southwest Louisiana Region
F Production: Perry Simonds, Texas Region
Formula Vee: Charles Cochran, Texas Region
Formula X: Avery Towns, Texas Region
GT-1: David Fershtand, Texas Region
GT-2: Bryan Kerrick, South Texas Border Region
GT-3 (three-way tie): Brian Haupt, Kansas City Region; Michael Lewis, Cal Club Region; Tony Rivera, San Diego Region
GT-Lite: Louis Rivera, Houston Region
H Production: Neil Verity, Lone Star Region
Prototype 1: Derek Coughlin, Houston Region
Prototype 2: Jack Donnellan, Oklahoma Region
Spec Miata: Taylor Ferranti, Houston Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Nils Musaeus, Houston Region
Super Touring Lite: Alan Stubblefield, Houston Region
Super Touring Under: Matthew Blehm, Houston Region
Touring 1: Paolo Salvatore, Houston Region
Touring 2: Charlie Peter, Kansas City Region
Touring 3: Kenny Russo, Houston Region
Touring 4: Ethan Barker, Houston Region

American Sedan: Mikhail Butenko, San Francisco Region
B-Spec: Thomas Lepper, San Francisco Region
E Production: Kurt Frietzsche, San Francisco Region
Formula 500: Lance Spiering, Oregon Region
Formula Atlantic: James Blackwell, Northwest Region
Formula Continental: Troy Shooter, Cal Club Region
Formula Enterprises 2: T.J. Acker, Cal Club Region
Formula F: Steven Grafton, Cal Club Region
F Production: Garey Raymond, Cal Club Region
Formula Vee: Derrick Moennick, Northwest Region
Formula X: Melvin David Kemper Jr., Northwest Region
GT-1: Michael Lewis, Cal Club Region
GT-2: Scotty B. White, Northwest Region
GT-3: Michael Lewis, Cal Club Region
GT-Lite: Michael Lewis, Cal Club Region
H Production: Ben Valentine, Cal Club Region
Prototype 1: Jim Devenport, San Francisco Region
Prototype 2: Tim Day Jr., San Francisco Region
Spec Miata: Joey Jordan, San Diego Region
Spec Racer Ford Gen 3: Tordy Acker, Cal Club Region
Super Touring Lite: Tom van Veen, Northwest Region
Super Touring Under: Nathan Pope, San Francisco Region
Touring 1: Ian Barberi, San Francisco Region
Touring 2: Norm Benson, Cal Club Region
Touring 3: Chris Hart, Northwest Region
Touring 4: Rick Delamare, Oregon Region

Photos by Jeff Loewe (bottom right: SRF3, Charles Turner), Wendrick Campbell (top right: GT-3, Mike Lewis), and Joseph Bierschback (bottom left: T2, Charlie Peter)