Enduro Vehicles

SCCA Enduro Classing is designed to be inclusive, with a broad range of modifications allowed to mass-produced automobiles. (E.g., production cars with four wheels, without a high center of gravity and sold by major manufacturers.) There are some limits to this, so keep reading to find out more.

Performance Limits
Because of mixed driver experience, and the desire to keep closing speeds within reasonable ranges there are some performance limits on eligible vehicles.

GT cars (tube frame) and the faster factory-built racecars like those built for the TCR class or Porsche Cup cars are not eligible. If you’re familiar with other speed ranges than those – this means vehicles with greater than 7:1 horsepower to weight ratio or much faster than a lightly modified C5 Corvette Z06 are beyond the production car limits.  

Beyond that, what you can do to a car fairly open. Engines may be built or swapped, aero may be added, tires may be changes. Often these modifications will change your class though, so you’ll want to read through the specific classing rules – either here in National Classing or in any specific event information you’ll find when registering for an event. (Also known as, “Supplementary Regulations.”)

There are some exceptions to the production-vehicle rules, and while the performance capabilities should be within the same range, the rules for purpose-built or tube-frame GT cars don’t apply to the SCCA Spec Racer; replica production Cars (E.g., Factory Five Spec Racer); and tube frame GT/Production-based cars meeting SCCA Specs for GT Car safety, not to exceed 2.9 liters naturally aspirated, 1.5 liters forced induction 1.95 liters rotary or 175KW electric.

In addition, while they won’t run on track at the same time, regions might elect to run classes for formula cars and sports racers, and these classes may include Formula Enterprises/Formula Enterprises 2; Formula F/F1600; Formula 600; Formula Vee; and GCR-Legal Formula cars/Sports Racers with speeds not exceeding those of FE2.

Read the full rules to see the specific details on what is and isn't allowed, and what is required for a vehicle to run in SCCA Team Enduro.