Graphic Standards

SCCA LOGOThe SCCA identity is more than just a logo on a letterhead. It is our company's public image - an image that will be seen countless times in printed materials, signage, and broadcast media. As such, this logo must always reflect the consistency and high quality of SCCA products and services. It is important that you understand how to establish and maintain this brand image in all forms of communication. To help you do just that, we have compiled this area for your reference.

We ask that you agree to the terms of use and refer to this page whenever you are preparing any item on which our brand identity will be presented. It describes the typographical specifications of the identity and outlines the proper way to use the SCCA logo. By following the guidelines provided here, you will make certain everyone communicates our brand the same way in all applications - ensuring a singular, cohesive Identity, while projecting a positive presence to the public.

The graphics and logos posted here are intended for the sole use of SCCA Regions, members and official partners. Use of these images by any commercial entity without the express written permission of the SCCA is prohibited.

The graphics and logos included on this site, whether obtained here or in any other manner, may not be used in the creation of merchandise or wearable items.

All materials bearing the SCCA mark or graphics relating to SCCA, are subject to prior approval before posting, publishing, printing, etc. If you have a piece that bears our mark, please send a final proof to our Creative Manager for final approval.