The backbone of SCCA Autocrossing is most certainly made up of Regional events, which account for the majority of the 1,100 SCCA-Sanctioned Autocrosses and 77,000 autocross entries each year.

Across the country, many of the 116 SCCA regions host local events and regional championships which open the doors to the world of autocrossing. These regional events offer a very low barrier to entry – SCCA membership is not usually required – and events closer to home mean shorter driving distances which help get enthusiasts involved and allow people to compete more frequently.

Regional events are usually small events, with maybe only a few dozen people, but larger regions see “local” events rivaling Championship Tour events in size.

Things can also be made easier for participants because regions are allowed to part from the national-level rules in some cases. The most visible is that instead of strict requirements about numbers and class letters found in national rules, you can find painters-tape and shoe polish used to mark class letters and car numbers at local events.

Regions are also free to create classes which fit local trends, so often you will find classes for “novices” so that people just starting out don’t have to compare themselves with those more experienced.

Whatever you find at a local – whether it’s low-key or a 300-person event, the once-a-year competitor or the person testing for nationals – passion and comradery exist before, during, and especially after events, when you can often see local participants going out to a post-event dinner.

If you're looking to get started, these are the best events and you can check out the "I want to Autocross" page to see how to participate at your local events.