SCCA BRANDS & Trademarks

There are many brand names and trademarks within the SCCA family that contribute to the larger brand and how it is known by members and non-members alike. This page outlines the most prominent SCCA brands with an explanation as to where that brand fits within the family, along with a table listing all active trademarks owned by Sports Car Club of America®.

SCCA Brands 

Sports Car Club of America® (SCCA®)

The Sports Car Club of America®, Inc., founded in 1944, is a 67,500-member motorsports organization that incorporates all facets of autocross, rally and road racing at both Club and professional levels. With headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, the SCCA annually sanctions over 2,000 events through its 116 Regions and subsidiary divisions.

SCCA Pro Racing®

SCCA Pro Racing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. that provides full-service organization, operational support, and sanctioning for numerous professional racing series including he F4 U.S. & F3 Americas Championships, Trans Am®, FIA Formula E, and Creventic 24H. Each series holds events on high-profile race weekends and annually crowns Champions.

SCCA Enterprises

SCCA Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCCA, Inc., brings another dimension to the Club: race car construction. SCCA Enterprises constructs and maintains the Spec Racer® Ford, Enterprise Sports Racer, and the Formula Enterprises race cars.

SCCA Foundation

Founded in 1986, the SCCA Foundation is the charitable affiliate of the SCCA. The SCCA Foundation supports hands-on education and safety programs, recognizes excellence in automotive engineering education and promotes the SCCA’s heritage and club history. The goal of the SCCA Foundation is to give back to our communities.

SCCA Summit Racing Equipment Road Racing

SCCA Road Racing is wheel-to-wheel, side by side, first one to the finish line is the winner automobile racing – driven, officiated and staffed by SCCA club members.

SCCA Runoffs®

The SCCA National Championship Runoffs has evolved into what is now commonly agreed to be the pinnacle of American motorsports. Since 1964, the SCCA has crowned Road Racing’s National Champions at the winner-take-all, single race Runoffs format through dozens of separate races over three days.

Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour

Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour consists of multiple weekends at premier tracks across the United States. Each event includes two races for each Runoffs-eligible car class. Hoosier Super Tour drivers earn points toward two separate point championships, the U.S. Majors Tour Conference Championships, which include other non-Hoosier Super Tour Majors events, and the Hoosier Super Tour Championship.  

SCCA U.S. Majors Tour®

The SCCA U.S. Majors Tour is the pathway for competitors to quality for the National Championship Runoffs at the end of the season. These races are where the best drivers from across a division compete.

SCCA Solo®

Solo is the brand name for SCCA Autocrossing and on paper it seems very simple – use traffic cones to make a mini-roadcourse in a large parking lot or unused airport tarmac and see who can drive it the quickest without hitting any cones or going off course. Despite the generally low speeds attained during competition, it’s one of the fastest paced, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can find, with barriers to entry so low that many people are able to compete and be competitive at it.

Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo®

The TireRack SCCA ProSolo Series is an adrenaline-pumping autocross format where solo isn’t solo. Drivers still run a course by themselves, but start off side-by-side drag racing style and attack mirror-image courses to see who gets back to their respective finish lines first. In contrast to a standard 3-run autocross, ProSolo class competition takes 1.5 days where each driver gets three sets of runs to put together the best run from each side. Class winners are determined from putting the best right and left side runs together.

SCCA RallyCross®

RallyCross is the SCCA’s most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport. The activity is a scaled-down version of a rally stage laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. Participation requirements are considerably less than those associated with other forms of performance rally, so drivers usually only need a mechanically sound, hardtop vehicle and a helmet to come play in the dirt.

SCCA Time Trials

The SCCA Time Trials program is made up of two competitive elements: HotLap timed open lapping and TrackSprints, using smaller pieces of the course with each driver having three chances to set their fastest time on the course from a standing start. In total, winners are named based on their combined fastest times from the two elements.

Track Night in America®
Driven by Tire Rack

Track Night in America is a non-competitive, no-stress, entertaining, easy and inexpensive way for nearly anyone who loves cars or motorsports to get on a real racecourse in their own vehicle during weeknights. All that is required is that participants be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and have access to an approved helmet and street car in good working condition.

SCCA RoadRally

RoadRally is a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with a friend and the least expensive form of motorsport. Because events do not involve speed, teams do not need specialized equipment for their car. Although there are classes for vehicles with RoadRally-specific equipment on them, often teams will do the events with only pens, paper and a wristwatch. On the rare occasion the RoadRally is held at night, a small flashlight might be needed. Entry fees for the events are typically less than $40, and often events will even have classes for RoadRally novices.

SCCA Starting Line®

The Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line schools are a partnership between the Sports Car Club of America and Tire Rack to give automotive enthusiasts a professional, all-inclusive entry into the world of performance driving. In addition to a full day of instruction, participants will receive an SCCA membership, entries for future events, as well as subscriptions to SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports Magazines

SCCA HillClimb

Like Time Attack or TrackSprint - HillClimb is a form of Time Trials Competition. Unlike Time Attack and TrackSprint, HillClimb doesn't take place on a track purpose-built for driving and racing, but on a closed-down public road.

SCCA Enduro

More than 40 years ago, the Sports Car Club of America was at the forefront of affordable endurance racing, and the SCCA has stepped back into the team endurance racing market, having launched a new program in 2022 with SCCA Enduro.

SCCA Academy

The SCCA Academy encompasses a comprehensive focus on training for all operational areas of the Club, from competition program safety training to leadership development for Club leaders and officials. The goal of the SCCA Academy is to bring consistent education, training, and licensing policies, procedures and practices to all Club members.

SCCA Women on Track

The mission of the SCCA Women on Track Initiative is to expand participation of women in all facets of SCCA programs and activities as participants, volunteers, leaders or supporters.


Fastrack exists to keep members informed of the latest rules updates of the Club. Fastrack items are usually updated once a month. Each program publishes their own updates independently. 


Rumbling V8 engines, ground-pounding American muscle – these are the characteristics of Classic American Muscle cars, or as they are known in SCCA® Solo® – CAM cars. These muscle cars — which are so popular at auctions and Pro-Touring events — have also found a home in SCCA® fulfilling their purpose — getting them out of the garage and being pushed to their limits of something other than gathering dust.


Sports Car Club of America®  & Design

American Sedan®


Formula Atlantic®

Trans Am® / TRANS AM® / Trans-Am®

Formula Continental®

SCCA Pro Racing® & Design

Formula Enterprises®


Formula Vee®

SCCA U.S. Majors Tour® & Design

Spec Racer®

Track Night in America® & Design


Solo® / Pro Solo® / ProSolo®

Super Touring®

Starting Line® & Design

Street Touring®



United States Road Rally Challenge®

Press on Regardless®