SCCA® National Solo® Rules 

The SCCA® National Solo® Rules are a member-generated ruleset built and refined throughout the past 45 years. This rule book is published annually and each aspect of a Solo® event from safety, procedure, and classing is covered so it is used by both officials and competitors.  

Building and maintaining the SCCA® Solo® Rules involves member requests and input, review by the Solo® Events Board (SEB) and advisory committees before they are either declined or the SCCA® Board of Directors votes them approved.  

Keep reading below for rules, how you can be involved in rule changes, and other important documents for Solo® competitors. 

NOTE: Technical Bulletins are periodically issued in Fastrack® News that supersede the information in the Solo® Rules

The Rules are available on-line in Adobe Acrobat format by the SCCA Solo Department to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Solo competition.

We have chosen to serve this document in its original format using Adobe®'s Portable Document Format (PDF). This allows important documents and forms to be just a mouse click away. With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software, users on any computing platform can navigate, scale, zoom-in, and print PDF files directly within their web browsers.

2020 SCCA® National Solo® Rules

posted 2020-03-16

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Solo Rule Changes, Member Feedback, and Clarifications

Want to make a rules change proposal, comment on an open proposal, or ask for a rule clarification? Write to the Solo® Events Board (SEB).

To write in a request, to give input on a potential rule change, or get a clarification on a rule, click the link above to take you to the submission form. Once on the page - Select Solo Events Board from the, "choose program board" field, then select your category and class to make sure your letter makes its way to the right place.

Rule proposals, member advisories, tech bulletins, etc. are found in Fastrack® News.

***Rule Change Proposals - currently open***

Process Flowchart for Rule Changes

Supplemental Classes

Supplemental Classes are offered at National Solo® events, but do not compete for a national championship.

2020 Classic American Muscle (CAM) Category Rules handout

posted 2019-11-27

CAM classes are for traditional American "muscle" cars (performance sedans and sports cars).
(If printing this handout, set print properties to "Binding Location: Short Edge 'Top,'" "Flip on Short Edge," or similar.)

***2019 Supplementary CAM Rules and CAM Challenge Series*** - 2019-02-08


2020 Xtreme Street (XS) Category Rules handout


  • Heritage Classic Rules 
    These classes are for 1974 and older import cars in Street class (HCS) and Race class (HCR).
  • Junior Driver Program (Formula Junior karting)

2020 SCCA® ProSolo® Rules updated 2020-3-20

with classes and ProSolo® Index (PSI)

***SSC Index updated***

Quick Reference Sheets

Solo® Event Waiver Procedures (pre-event) and Checklist (during event):

2020 Solo Safety Steward (SSS) and Junior Driver Program (JDP) Training Webinars with Registration Links - updated 2020-01-29