Solo Rules 

Solo rules is your home to view the current Solo Rulebook, Supplemental class rules, ProSolo rules, FasTrack, and Rules proposals. The content on this page will provide valuable information for Solo compliance in the SCCA. 

To request a new car classification, adjustment or clarification on a rule, click on the link below to submit a letter:

Send a Request to the Solo Events Board

Rule Making Process

Rule Making Process Flow Chart


Current and Archived Fastracks
Current Active Change Proposals

Quick Reference Guides

Unofficial Solo Car Classifier
Helmet Certification Allowances with Label Chart - Updated 02/15/2024
Category Allowance "Cheat" Sheet
Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) Official Specifications


Solo Safety Steward (SSS) Webinar Training schedule and registration
For more training materials, log in to your SCCA Member Account Portal, head to the File Cabinet and scroll down to Solo and Solo Safety

Event Waiver Procedures

Waiver Procedures
Waiver Checklist (47 states, excludes California, Florida, and New York)
Waiver Checklist for California
Waiver Checklist for Florida
Waiver Checklist for New York

2024 Sound Guidelines & Event Reports


2024 Solo Rules

The 2024 Solo® Rules online are made available by SCCA Solo as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about technical regulations governing SCCA Solo. If you would like a copy of the printed National Solo Rules, they are available for purchase on Amazon: 2024 Solo Rules - Print Edition

The 2024 Solo Rules online version is available in Adobe Acrobat format, version 10 or later. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here. iPad and iPhone users should save this file in the acrobat reader app, not in ibooks (ibooks crashes when trying to use the search feature).


2024 Solo Rules download (Updated 7/2/2024 - July Fastrack)

- 2023 National Tour Series Points

- 2024 ProSolo Class and PSI Updates Summary (3/18/2024)

2024 ProSolo Rules download (Updated 4/26/24)

2024 Sound Guidelines & Event Reports

Supplemental Classes

Supplemental classes are provided to help give regions other class options for members at their events. Some of these supplemental classes are run at National Solo events and even the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals. Those classes that compete at Solo Nationals are not eligible to win a championship. 

Allowed at all National Solo events including Solo Nationals 

    - 2024 Classic American Muscle (CAM) / Xtreme Street (X) - Updated 11/30/2023
    - Formula SAE
    - Electric Vehicle Experimental (EVX)
    - Club Spec