SCCA Solo Contingency

2020 Contingency Registration is not available at this time, please check back in January or watch for a formal announcement on and in your email.

SCCA® has amazing partners who offer contingency to competitors in Championship Tours, Match Tours, ProSolo® and the TireRack SCCA Solo® Nationals. Partners include auto manufacturers, aftermarket equipment manufacturers, retail sales businesses and tire companies.

Silver, Gold and Platinum contingency programs require pre-registration with SCCA. Pre-registration must be completed once each year prior to competition. Bronze level contingency programs may require registration with the sponsoring company, but do not require registration with SCCA. Solo National Tour registration does not include Solo National Championship registration.

Complete and accurate contingency participation information is the responsibility of each competitor. Competitors are responsible for program registration and understanding the award requirements for those companies whose products you use. Failure to comply with ALL program requirements will result in non-payment of awards.

To Register For Contingency: 

Step 1: Review the program information for each available contingency program by clicking on the headings in the menu below. Once the drop-down opens, click on the links below each sponsor logo to learn more about the individual contingency programs and the requirements of each.

Step 2: Fill out this W-9 and submit by e-mail or by regular mail to the National Office (6620 SE Dwight St, Topeka, KS 66619 c/o Accounting) if you are registering through SCCA for a contingency with a cash payout. To be eligible, competitors must have a W-9 with up-to-date information on file with the SCCA. This is also a good time to verify your address, email address and all other personal information is up-to-date in your profile to insure accurate and timely payout.  

To receive your contingency awards (and all other SCCA payments) by direct deposit in lieu of paper checks, also submit this ACH form

Step 3: Use the  button at the bottom of the drop-down box to go to the contingency registration page. Competitors will need to register individually for each sponsor and series each year (you do not need to register multiple car numbers for the same car). You must be logged into your account to register for contingency programs. 

*NEW for 2019 - Contingency Claim Form Process: Competitors are now required to submit an electronic claim form after each event to collect awards. To learn how to make a claim at an event, please click here for instructions and the claim form link.  

If you have any questions in regards to contingency programs available through SCCA, please contact Brandy Wiggans at